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We will update information about gemstones and zodiac signs and so on.

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Chakra is a swirl of energy in the body, and has meaning such as "rotating swirl" in Sanskrit used in ancient Indi...
Sanskrit & Buddhist deities
Bonji and Buddhist deities Here we introduce Bonji (Sanskrit Seed) and Buddhist deities adopted as designs at PY Kobo...
Nine star Ki (Kyusei / 九星)
What is Nine star Ki? The horoscope combining the Nine stars of birth date, the the twelve earthly signs (Junishi /...
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Mythology& Good luck charms
On this page, we will disseminate information about the myths and good luck charms of each country. We hope to eve...


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Zodiac signs



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Esoteric Buddhism astrology
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[Good fortune] Twelve zodiac guardians' tote bag
¥2,300 Tote bags depicting Sanskrit (Bnji) of Junishi (the twelve earthly signs / 十二支) and cute animals are now on sale! There are 12 different designs of Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Roster, Dog, and Boar.
Little Pierrot, Pierre's T-Shirt
¥2,950 "Little Pierrot Pierre" overcomes the sadness of the original clown and works hard positively! The items which drew such cute Pierre are now on sale!
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