Tiger Eye


[Good luck] Lucky item! Forest owl strap

¥1,580 We made a strap of a lovely lucky owl! A wreath with green agate and crystal of 8mm, and a floating the owl charm in it. It is a cute strap. Recommended for good luck protection and gifts for owl lovers !

[Better fortune] Zodiac stones and birthstones! Star bracelets

¥2,680 We made star bracelets using zodiac stones, birthstones, and gemstones (crystal or onyx) curved with the zodiac sign. You can combine zodiac stones with birthstones to bring out the originality. Recommended for amulets and gifts.

Guardian Sanskrit Straps

¥1,880 We made Macrame knitted straps using beads carved Sanskrit letters. As you can choose the Eto (12 Chinese zodiac) guardian stones, they are recommended for amulets and Eto gifts.
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