Red agate


[Christmas!] Gemstones Red and Green Agate macrame bracelets

¥1,980 We made a macrame bracelets using gemstones (red and green agate) and a star-shaped citrine. Recommended for Christmas gifts and everyday use!

Guardian Sanskrit Straps

¥1,880 We made Macrame knitted straps using beads carved Sanskrit letters. As you can choose the Eto (12 Chinese zodiac) guardian stones, they are recommended for amulets and Eto gifts.

Shijin (four Chinese gods of direction) Strap

¥1,880 The Chinese spiritual animal that protects the direction of the east, west, north and south is called four gods (四神/Shijin). We made a strap using gemstone beads with motifs of 玄武 (Ch: Xuan Wu / Jp:Genbu / Black turtle) that protects the North, 青龍 (Ch: Qinglong / Jp:Seiryu / Blue or Green Dragon) that protects the East, 朱雀 (Ch: Zhuque / Jp:Suzaku / Red Phoenix) that protects the south, 白虎 (Ch: Baihu / Jp:Byakko / White Tiger) that protects the West. You can choose birthstones. Recommended gift as a lucky amulet.
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