[Better fortune] Kyusei (Nine star Ki) and Shijinjyu (four mythological creatures) bracelets

¥2,180 We made bracelets using gemstones which imaged "Kyusei" (Nine stars) as a point, and using the onyx stones which drew the four mythological creatures called "Shijinjyu". Kyusei means nine stars having own color, respectively, used for astrology.

[Amulet] Chakra Necklaces

¥2,880 We made chakra necklaces using antique chakra charms and gemstones. Chakras are swirls of energy in the body, and it is believed that activating chakras will balance the mind and body. It is said gemstones bring out the power of seven chakras.

[Better fortune] Zodiac stones and birthstones! Star bracelets

¥2,680 We made star bracelets using zodiac stones, birthstones, and gemstones (crystal or onyx) curved with the zodiac sign. You can combine zodiac stones with birthstones to bring out the originality. Recommended for amulets and gifts.

Doll with a Star Strap

¥1,580 They are doll-shaped macrame knitting straps with a star using gemstones. Please accompany the smartphone and bag! You can choose the strap cord from black or red.
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