Frogbert’s “KAERU KAERI” T-shirt

¥2,800 Pat designed the "KAERU KAERI" Frogbert (Frog goes straight home) T-shirt. Working frog Frogbert works hard every day. It's a very happy Frogbart to go home! In this "KAERU KAERI" T-shirt, the feeling of "Happy to return home" is included. Returning from shopping, school, or work, being able to return home safely is very happy!

Piggy Love-chan T-shirt

¥3,050 There is an island full of vegetables and fruits called Furvege (Fruit & Vegetable) Island. Healthy vegetables, fruits and animals are living there. Piggy Love-chan also lives on that island. Love-chan, who loves fashion and food, takes a walk on Furvege island in search of delicious food every day.

Green Agate and White Jade clover bracelets

¥1,780 We made clover bracelets using gemstones of white jade, green agate and green aventurine. Recommended for items on St. Patrick's Day (March 17)!

Zodiac signs and heart Straps

¥2,180 We made straps using crystal zodiac beads, blue gold stones that make the stars shine in the night sky, and heart beads that represent "love". You Can choose 2 zodiac signs from 12 zodiac signs. If you choose and wear your own zodiac signs beads, it will be your amulet! If you choose and gift your zodiac sign and the precious person's zodiac sign, all of you will be happy. Recommended for amulets and gifts!

Zodiac signs and heart Doll Straps

¥1,880 We made doll straps using zodiac signs and heart beads. Recommended for birthday gifts and guardian zodiac amulets! If you choose your own zodiac sign bead, it can be your amulet! If you choose a precious person's zodiac sign bead and gift it, all of you will be happy.
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