[Good Luck] Clover straps with Green Agate

¥680 We made clover straps perfect for early summer with green agate (gemstones) and pearl plastic beads. Recommended for amulets and gifts. It is hoped that this clover will bring you good luck.

Frogbert’s “KAERU KAERI” T-shirt

¥2,800 Pat designed the "KAERU KAERI" Frogbert (Frog goes straight home) T-shirt. Working frog Frogbert works hard every day. It's a very happy Frogbart to go home! In this "KAERU KAERI" T-shirt, the feeling of "Happy to return home" is included. Returning from shopping, school, or work, being able to return home safely is very happy!

Love vegetables! Kappa, Kappy’s T-shirt

¥2,980 Kappy loves vegetables so much. We made Kappy's T-shirts!!! The design is Kappy with his most favorite tomato.
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