“Darukuma couple’s everyday” smartphone case

¥2,300 Darukuma couple, Shou-kun and Fuku-chan are always at ease together. Today, they make a toast with milk tea, chocolate and cupcakes in one hand! Such a cute darukuma couple's smartphone cases are now on sale!

Initials and heart bead straps

¥2,180 They are straps that connect the important person's initial and your initial with the "double heart" bead. With the blue star! Recommended for Valentines and Birthday presents!

Doll with a Star Strap

¥1,580 They are doll-shaped macrame knitting straps with a star using gemstones. Please accompany the smartphone and bag! You can choose the strap cord from black or red.

Pair initial bracelet

¥2,380 They are Macrame knitted bracelets connecting the initials of an important person and your initial with "&" (And). Recommended for couples, friends and families!
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