Shijin (four Chinese gods of direction) Strap

¥1,880 The Chinese spiritual animal that protects the direction of the east, west, north and south is called four gods (四神/Shijin). We made a strap using gemstone beads with motifs of 玄武 (Ch: Xuan Wu / Jp:Genbu / Black turtle) that protects the North, 青龍 (Ch: Qinglong / Jp:Seiryu / Blue or Green Dragon) that protects the East, 朱雀 (Ch: Zhuque / Jp:Suzaku / Red Phoenix) that protects the south, 白虎 (Ch: Baihu / Jp:Byakko / White Tiger) that protects the West. You can choose birthstones. Recommended gift as a lucky amulet.

Makoto T-Shirt

¥2,300 This is a cool T-shirt with the kanji meaning "Makoto".

LINE Stamp – Frogbert01

Pat created cool Line stamps of Frogbert who is a working frog.

Gemstones! Onyx Skull Bracelet

¥1,980 We made a bracelet with Macrame knitting around a skull head of black onyx.You can choose 2 colours from 5 different colour combinations. Black x Orange, Black x Red, Black x Green, Black x Purple, Purple x Orange
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