Little Pierrot, Pierre’s T-Shirt

¥2,950 "Little Pierrot Pierre" overcomes the sadness of the original clown and works hard positively! The items which drew such cute Pierre are now on sale!

“Darukuma couple’s everyday” smartphone case

¥2,300 Darukuma couple, Shou-kun and Fuku-chan are always at ease together. Today, they make a toast with milk tea, chocolate and cupcakes in one hand! Such a cute darukuma couple's smartphone cases are now on sale!

Frogbert’s “KAERU KAERI” T-shirt

¥2,800 Pat designed the "KAERU KAERI" Frogbert (Frog goes straight home) T-shirt. Working frog Frogbert works hard every day. It's a very happy Frogbart to go home! In this "KAERU KAERI" T-shirt, the feeling of "Happy to return home" is included. Returning from shopping, school, or work, being able to return home safely is very happy!

Love vegetables! Kappa, Kappy’s T-shirt

¥2,980 Kappy loves vegetables so much. We made Kappy's T-shirts!!! The design is Kappy with his most favorite tomato.

Piggy Love-chan T-shirt

¥3,050 There is an island full of vegetables and fruits called Furvege (Fruit & Vegetable) Island. Healthy vegetables, fruits and animals are living there. Piggy Love-chan also lives on that island. Love-chan, who loves fashion and food, takes a walk on Furvege island in search of delicious food every day.
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