With love! Initial heart bracelets

¥ 2,380 They are Macrame braided bracelets that connect the important person's initials and your initials with a "double heart". Recommended for Valentine's Day and Birthday gifts!

[Better fortune] Zodiac stones and birthstones! Star bracelets

¥2,680 We made star bracelets using zodiac stones, birthstones, and gemstones (crystal or onyx) curved with the zodiac sign. You can combine zodiac stones with birthstones to bring out the originality. Recommended for amulets and gifts.

Zodiac signs and heart Doll Straps

¥1,880 We made doll straps using zodiac signs and heart beads. Recommended for birthday gifts and guardian zodiac amulets! If you choose your own zodiac sign bead, it can be your amulet! If you choose a precious person's zodiac sign bead and gift it, all of you will be happy.

Initials and heart bead straps

¥2,180 They are straps that connect the important person's initial and your initial with the "double heart" bead. With the blue star! Recommended for Valentines and Birthday presents!
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