Shijin (four Chinese gods of direction) Strap


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The Chinese spiritual animal that protects the direction of the east, west, north and south is called four gods (四神/Shijin).

We made a strap using gemstone beads with motifs of 玄武 (Ch: Xuan Wu / Jp:Genbu / Black turtle) that protects the North, 青龍 (Ch: Qinglong / Jp:Seiryu / Blue or Green Dragon) that protects the East, 朱雀 (Ch: Zhuque / Jp:Suzaku / Red Phoenix) that protects the south, 白虎 (Ch: Baihu / Jp:Byakko / White Tiger) that protects the West. You can choose birthstones.

Recommended gift as a lucky amulet.

Please see the following page as for four gods (Shijin).

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[About gemstones]
玄武/Genbu (1 stone): Onyx 8mm =>Health, Longevity
青龍/Seiryu (1 stone) : Green agate 8mm =>Succeed in life, Success, Economic fortune
朱雀/Suzaku (1 stone): Red agate 8mm =>Family happiness, Love fortune
白虎/Byakko (1 stone): Giant clam 8mm =>Good business, Economic fortune, Safety of your family
Decorative beads (2 stones): Abacus type crystal 3mm x 6mm
Stopping beads (2 stones) : You can choose from 12 different birthstones. 8mm

In the photograph, two stones of Amethyst (birthstone of February) as stop beads.

January: Garnet
February: Amethyst
March: Coral
April: Crystal
May: Jade
June: Moonstone
July: Carnelian
August: Sardonyx
September: Lapis Lazuli
October: Rose Quartz
November: Citrine
December: Turquoise

Please enter the following choices in the remarks column when you order.
Stopping beads (2 stones) : You can choose 2 stones from above 12 different birthstones.

[About this work]
Made with gemstones and wax cords.

This is made to order.

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