Simple and cute cotton knitted scrunchie


¥860 (Tax included) 

Product No.: pyacs00003

They are scrunchies, knitting with soft touch cotton knits, that you can use throughout the year.

[About the colours]
Please select the colour from the followings and order.
A. Sapphire: blue scrunchie with a white line
=>For everyday use
B. Black: Black scrunchie with a beige line
=>For office use
C. Emerald: Christmas colour green scrunchie with red line
=>Perfect for gifts
D. Red: Christmas colour red scrunchie with green line
=>Perfect for gifts

[About this work]
We are knitting with 100% cotton knits.

They are made to order.

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Please note. Because they are handmade, we would like to ask for a purchase after having understood beforehand that there are individual differences unique to handmade works.

We hope you like them.



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