Frogbert’s “KAERU KAERI” T-shirt

¥2,800 (Tax excluded)‬ 

Pat designed the “KAERU KAERI” Frogbert (Frog goes straight home) T-shirt.

Working frog Frogbert works hard every day.
It’s a very happy Frogbart to go home!

In this “KAERU KAERI” T-shirt, the feeling of “Happy to return home” is included.

Returning from shopping, school, or work, being able to return home safely is very happy!

The size of the T-shirt can be selected from S, M, L, or XL.
Check it out HERE! (To SUZURI’s store page)

Besides, there are cute Frogbert “KAERU KAERI” goods such as mugs, tote bags and koozies.


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