Green Agate and White Jade clover bracelets


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Product No.: pyacb00008

We made clover bracelets using gemstones of white jade, green agate and green aventurine.

Recommended for items on St. Patrick’s Day (March)!

Clover (each 3 x 3) : Green aventurine 4mm
Point beads (2 stones) : Green agate 8mm
Sub beads (4 stones) : White jade 8mm
Bracelet cords: green and custard
Size: L size (adjustable with inner diameter 15 cm to 24 cm) or M size (adjustable with inner diameter 13 cm to 22 cm)

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Size: L Size or M Size

[About this work]
Made with gemstones and wax cords.

They are made to order.

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Please note. Because they are handmade, we would like to ask for a purchase after having understood beforehand that there are individual differences unique to handmade works.

We hope you like them.


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