[Health Amulet] Sanskrit Gourd Longevity Strap


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I want to be careful of colds and flu! I want to be healthy!
We made a good-luck “Sanskrit (Bonji) Gourd Longevity Strap” for your daily health.

Jade (Hisui) and Onyx stones engraved with Sanskrit character “Kiriiku” that represents Senju Kannon and Amitabha Nyorai are used.

2020 is the year of the Rat. The sanskrit “Kiriiku” used for the health amulet Sanskrit strap is a guardian for the year of the Rad, so it’s also recommended as a gift for the twelve earthly signs!

Please refer to this page for details on the twelve earthly signs (Junishi).
Please refer to this page for details on Sanskrit (Bonji.)

Top gourd (1 stone) : Jade 8mm
Bottom gourd (1 Stone) : Onyx with Sanskrit “Kiriiku” 12mm
Middle gourd (1 part) : Flat type Rondel 8mm
Stopping stones (2 stones) : Abacus type crystal 3mmx6mm
Strap cord : Black or Red

Please enter the following choices in the remarks column when you order.
*Strap cord : black or red

[About this work]
Made with gemstones and silver charms.

They are made to order.

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We hope you like them.


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