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What’s PY Kobo?

PY Kobo is a shop handling handmade accessories, art, music and so on.

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PY Kobo sells products on the following external sites.
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Detailed description of products etc Please confirm the details of the products on each product page.
Shipping cost Shipping fee will be charged separately.
Please refer to the product page of each sales site for details.
Delivery time It is scheduled to be shipped within 10 days from after order / payment confirmation for made-to-order production.
Depending on the number you may get dates.
Return due date As for handmade goods, in principle, we do not accept returns.
Payment method You can use bank transfer, credit card payment, etc.
Please refer to the product page of each sales site for details.


[Good fortune] Twelve zodiac guardians' tote bag
¥2,300 Tote bags depicting Sanskrit (Bnji) of Junishi (the twelve earthly signs / 十二支) and cute animals are now on sale! There are 12 different designs of Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Roster, Dog, and Boar.
Little Pierrot, Pierre's T-Shirt
¥2,950 "Little Pierrot Pierre" overcomes the sadness of the original clown and works hard positively! The items which drew such cute Pierre are now on sale!
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